One of the great things about playing golf in a cart is all the extra storage space it offers over your normal golf bag.

That is, unless your golf cart enclosure blocks it off so you can’t reach the storage when you need it.

The Elite Golf Cart Enclosure gets around this problem by offering convenient rear access to the wire basket that is located behind the seats. Whether you use this basket to hold a jacket, a towel, your headcovers, or anything else, you can reach it whenever you need to.

Don’t need to use the rear access at the moment? Simply zipper the enclosure shut to keep the elements out.

If your cart has a rear rain guard to cover your clubs, the Elite Golf Cart Enclosure won’t stop you from using it on those rainy days.  Simply roll up the back windshield and strap it closed.

No rear rain guard? Now worries!  Unzip the back windshield and drape it over your clubs.

When the weather is beautiful and you need more ventilation, just strap up the back windshield.


  • Easy access to the wire storage basket.
  • Use your cart's rear rain guard by strapping up the rear windshield.
  • Use the back windshield to protect your clubs from rain by draping it over them.
  • Full ventilation on warm days.